Is your company’s data resource out of control?

Even the most organized companies often possess too many computers and too many storage devices, with all their data stored onsite and vulnerable to business disruption. And that means higher hardware, support, and service expenses, and unnecessary business risk. Netwave Corporation specializes in decreasing IT clutter and enhancing business continuity. We can help your business apply desktop, server, and storage virtualization strategies to manage the data more efficiently and more securely. That can yield significant cost savings, fewer equipment purchases, and more reliable access to the information your business needs to grow.

Netwave Virtualization Solutions

Netwave is the Ohio Valley Leader in IT consulting and distributed computing support. With a focused approach on integrating technology to produce measurable business results, Netwave’s proven practices and superior technical expertise assist customer organizations in all phases of their IT lifecycles. With nearly two decades of success in helping customers streamline business operations and embrace new opportunities via technology, Netwave is your objective, customer-first choice for helping you deliver critical IT services to your business. NetWave works closely with VMware to help you migrate toward a more cost effective IT environment in the areas of:

  • Application Virtualization – Give your employees access to the applications and data they need to be productive, no matter where they are.
  • Desktop Virtualization – Delivering rich personalized virtual desktops to any device with all the benefits of centralized management. We have the complete VMware View environment running in our lab – ask for a demo.
  • Server Virtualization – Capitalize on the cost, management and continuity advantages of VMware virtualized servers.

Building Smarter Businesses

In addition to reducing hardware expenses, virtualization also helps people collaborate more effectively. Now every user can access all the applications and information they need, directly from their desktop. That makes sharing easier and allows teams and task groups to work together regardless of time or location. Desktop, server, and storage virtualization can also advance your business’ efforts to guard against data loss and business disruption, as well as facilitate disaster recovery and business continuity. Discover how a smarter, more efficient IT solution in your organization can help ensure that you remain in business, no matter what happens to your infrastructure.

After your virtualization is complete, ensure data integrity and business continuity with Netwave Cloud Services.

Virtualizing your storage resources creates one or more pools of easily-accessed, centralized storage devices. Now, because your data all resides in a few convenient locations, backing it up is easy and efficient. So why not take the next step and automate data replication to offsite servers to protect your business from disruptions in your facilities?

  • Data Only Back-up
  • Full Image Backup
  • Deduplication Backup

Get Control of Your Data with Netwave

Virtualization and backup solutions from Netwave can help boost efficiency and decrease day-to-day operating expenses, while also enabling your business to survive unexpected disruptions. That kind of control over vital information can play a critical role in enhancing IT flexibility, ensuring business continuity, and achieving optimal business results.

To find out how your organization can begin to take control of its vital information resources, contact us today.