Netwave Corporation has partnered with Polycom to deliver the ultimate video conferencing experience to our customers. From End Points with High Definition, through dedicated bridging services, to hosted Video Conferencing Services, Netwave is leading the way in conferencing services in central Ohio for business users.

Many Ohio corporations and state government agencies struggle with similar business drivers:

  • Reduce business travel and expenses
  • Integrate unified communications (UC) across the entire agency
  • Improve efficiency and productivity

Face-to-face interactions are an important part of doing business. But, many businesses are employing measures to cut costs which negatively impacts business travel. Incorporating video as part of your organization’s strategy will allow your employees to maintain personal business interactions, increase employee productivity, and reduce costs. There is also the added benefit to the environment of implementing an eco-friendly way to conduct business.

Recently, Netwave assisted numerous state government agencies which deliver human services, public safety, and youth services with video conferencing capabilities. From implementation through deployment, Netwave can equip board rooms, individual desktops and home offices with conferencing services.

Investigate the benefits of Video Conferencing and Unified Communication by contacting us today.