Netwave offers a variety of solutions to ensure your company’s IT infrastructure remains safe from attacks – viral, man-made, or accidental.

Endpoint Protection

RightSizeIT Endpoint Protection combines Enterprise Anti-Virus with advanced threat prevention to deliver unmatched defense against malware for laptops, desktops and servers. vIt seamlessly integrates essential security technologies into our Managed Services Monitoring console to deliver managed security for our customer base.

Messaging Security Network

Netwave Corporation has teamed up with McAfee to deliver secure email and content filtering solutions that are unrivaled in today’s industry. If you are struggling with spam, virus issues, secure messaging, email archiving, or just need content filtering, Netwave and McAfee are leading the way in security solutions for organizations in central Ohio.

Web Security & Firewall Appliances

For 10 years, Netwave with Watchguard Technologies is delivering Unified Threat Management appliances. WatchGuard’s products provide true line-speed security inspection on all traffic and multi gigabit packet filtering. In addition, the NGFW line provides application control; connects via unique Drag and Drop VPN; connects people via SSL and IPSec VPN; and gives the enterprise unparalleled visibility into real-time and historical user, network, and security activities. With WatchGuard’s NGFW, businesses can enforce and audit strong security and acceptable use policies, resulting in increased employee productivity and less risk to critical intellectual property or customer data.

This all-in-one solution integrates IPS, Application Control, and LiveSecurity to save time and money associated with managing multiple single-point security products.

Virtual Security

Netwave Corporation has partnered with Trend Micro to bring enterprise security to the Virtualization space. When you need to provide security to physical, and virtual infrastructure and ensure compliance is being met, Netwave can show you how.

Trend Micro Deep Security 7.5 provides advanced protection for systems in the dynamic datacenter—from virtual desktops to physical, virtual or cloud servers. Deep Security combines intrusion detection and prevention, firewall, integrity monitoring, log inspection, and agentless anti-malware capabilities to helps prevent data breaches and ensure business continuity. This dynamic, centrally managed solution also supports compliance with important standards and regulations such as PCI, FISMA, and HIPAA.

Protect the Cloud. Clarify your cloud computing strategy for protecting critical data.

Gartner Research Note. Gartner Research shares expert advice on how to move your data safely to the cloud.

Key Benefits

Prevents Data Breaches
Minimizes business disruptions with advanced protection

  • Shields known and unknown vulnerabilities in applications and operating systems
  • Protects web applications from SQL injection and cross-site scripting attacks

Helps Achieve Compliance
Addresses seven major PCI and many other standards and regulations

  • Provides detailed, auditable reports that document prevented attacks and policy compliance status
  • Reduces the preparation time and effort required to support audits

Lowers Costs
Maximizes efficiency to reduce operational costs

  • Allows greater machine consolidation in virtual environments with agentless configuration for anti-malware and other security
  • Provides vulnerability protection to prioritize secure coding and cost-effective implementation of unscheduled patching
  • Automates management of security events across all servers

Protection Modules

  • NEW! Agentless Anti-malware. Integrates with VMware environments to optimize virtualization security with zero in-guest footprint.
  • Deep Packet Inspection. Enables Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Web Application Protection, and Application Control.
  • Firewall. Decreases the attack surface of your physical and virtual servers.
  • Integrity Monitoring. Monitors files, systems and registry for changes.
  • Log Inspection. Provides visibility into important security events buried in log files.